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  • I have been using this slider for several years, and install it on ALL my sites that require a slider, including and
    It is the only slider I have found that meets all my needs, including:
    1-Responsiveness to various screen sizes, so that it works on mobile devices and tablets using the responsive themes such as Weaver II Pro (
    2-Has the ability to automatically (by checking a box) include the content of my blog posts into slider entries.
    3-Has the ability to automatically pick up an image from my blog entry, create a thumbnail-sized image for it, and include it on the slider display.
    4-Also has override capability to include either a featured image, or another image in place of the image it picks up from the post.
    5-Will display up to 15 posts on the slider (I like to show lots of posts!)
    6-Admin. screen gives the ability to delete posts from the slider, and re-order posts on the slider.
    7-Ability to include on home page using a short-code (no need to mess with the theme template)
    8-Ability to control which html tags are allowed in the slider message
    9-Doesn’t use Flash or other plugins, so it is compatible with all Javascript-enabled browsers, including smartphones.
    10-Allows transparent backgrounds (which I use)
    11-fonts, size, animation, etc. all configurable
    12-Low price (it’s free!)
    Cons (Very few):
    1-Sometimes new versions haven’t worked very well and have either required completely removing the old version, and reinstalling from scratch, or waiting for fixes from the developer. It is hoped that the acquisition by SliderVilla will improve on this. Be sure to test new versions on a test site before installing on your production sites (of course, you should always do this!)
    2-Would like to be able to have “Add this post/page to Smooth Slider” on by default. At the moment, I have to remember to turn it on with each post.
    3-When I replace the image after a post has been saved, it retains the old thumbnail, and I have to remember to override it with the new image, using the Custom Thumbnail Image(url) box.
    4-It can use a lot of memory, and occasionally I have to go in to the clean out the old post entries in the slider, either by removing all, and adding back the ones I need by editing the posts, or by using the administration panel to check off the ones I want to remove.

    These Cons are insignificant compared to the huge feature set of this free slider. Highly recommended!

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