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    Hello everyone,

    I’m a new WordPress user with zero knowledge of PHP (I only know HTML and CSS to some degree) and English isn’t my first spoken language so please bear with me while I do my best to try to explain the issue that’s affecting me. 🙂 Also, I’d like to apologize in advance if this topic’s posted in the wrong section, but I’ve spent about two hours browsing through the WP support forums and another 2 hours on Google and not finding what I’m searching for and am getting rather confused and tired.

    Early this morning I set up my very first cat blog on my own website. Everything seemed to work all fine and dandy. The theme I use is called ‘PolaroidPress’ and has been slightly edited to suit my needs (such as changing the image rotation in the header and changing some colour settings in the CSS document). Everything’s amazing with this theme but one thing: the smilies.

    I have tested the website in several browsers with the same result and nothing seems to work. When I insert smilies in my entries, the smiley itself breaks up my paragraphs. I tried to contact the creator of this theme but he clearly stated on his website that he will not provide support for this theme because it’s a free one. What a bummer for me. Here is an example (you will also see that I tried to use the plugin called ‘WP Grins’):

    This is an entry with its comment page where the plugin’s entirely messed up. I can’t figure out what on earth is going on. On the front page (url: you can see how the smilies split the paragraphs as well. Not only that, but they also seem to have a strange border around them. I don’t know where to look in my documents for the smiley coding, seeing how I’m a newbie at this.

    I’d be forever grateful if someone could point me in a helpful direction on what to do. I’d like to resolve this issue and eventually add my own smiley creations and remove the standard ones once the problem has been fixed.

    Thanks in advance and for taking your time and sorry for the wall of text – I read the welcome message and thought I’d explain as much as possible.


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  • Add this to your CSS file:

    #content .wp-smiley {
         background-color: transparent;
         border: 0;
         display: inline;
         margin: 0 0 -5px 0;

    Thank you so much for the quick reply, Andrei! Now it seems to work like a charm. I couldn’t for my life figure this out by myself. Many thanks! 🙂

    Bare hyggelig 😉

    Tack igen. 🙂

    Everything was going fine until now when I installed a new smiley theme using ‘WP Grin’ and the usual installation process. The smilies are doing OK in the entries that I post, however, they are once again messing up the comment section, as can be seen here:

    Is there any code that I can place somewhere in any of my documents to prevent this from happening? Can I prevent the smilies from appearing above the comment box itself?

    Thanks again to everyone that reads this post and sorry that this problem isn’t solved and that I messed something up.

    #wp_grins img {
        display: inline;
        margin: 2px 5px;

    You can play around with margin values if you don’t like these.

    margin: top right bottom left;

    In the above example 2px applies to top and bottom, 5px to left and right.

    Thanks very much, Andrei! The smilies seem to be in order now. I can’t believe that this theme lacked these strings in the coding. I hope that the values will stay the same if I do change the smilies again so I don’t have to get headache again. 😉

    Many thanks again! 🙂

    Can someone please help me? I’m having a problem with WP Grins.
    My smilies are showing up in 2 rows. doubled.
    I have looked everywhere! I can’t seem to find the problem.
    Here’s a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.

    I have posted this in many forums and NO ONE has answered. ):

    @sugarbones: I have the same problem since today. I’ve just installed “Flash Video Player” plugin, and I had to add a php_function line in the site-s header. But I didn’t realize, that I already had that function (wp_head). That’s why it was doubled, because the function was doubled.

    @agig112: OMG thank you so much!! That’s what it was! I had two of the same function also.

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