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  • I’ve had wordpress installed for about a week now and I’ve enable the smilies to show up in my posts, but they arent. 🙁
    Can someone tell me why this is?

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  • do you have the smilies folder in your wp_images folder?

    yes I do

    From what people tell me, the smilies are supposed to be automatically added in my posts when I type a shortcut, such as 😀 or 🙂 ….but I see no smilies…only the characters I’ve typed. Yet I have the smilies option enabled in my options. I don’t understand it. 🙁

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I get a 404 when I try to see an icon directly:
    Have you checked that the smilies folder is in /wp-images ?

    I’m having the same problem too! I have wp-images and i checked the vars.php and it’s OK…

    podz – that would be a separate issue as the smilie conversion should occur and then the link would be broken, but there is no “conversion” happenin’

    well, I dont mind, I was just curious to know why….and podz, my url for the smilies is
    It is installed directly on my site. No matter though, I’ve got my own smilies that I made, in another directory. I’ll just use the img code to show them 🙂

    this might not help anyone, but the reason I couldn’t get my smilies to work was that my smilies folder in wp-images was actually called “similies” and so obviously nothing worked.
    It could be a silly thing like that!

    Go to admin>options>writting >formatting and look if the emoticons checkbox is on !

    Woohoo! I just discovered how to make my smilies work all by myself, and I am proud because I am completely new to using any kind of program to do web work, and am lost on most of this php stuff!
    All I did was change the CHMOD of the wp-images and smilies directory to 755. And my smilies now work.

    Thanks! Changing the wp-images directory (and it’s contents) to 755 got my smilies to work! 🙂

    I got all my smilies to work but somehow, smilies won’t be converted under the title. Its only converted for the comments and entry message.
    Any idea how to convert the smilies in the title?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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