• I use http://www.gudlyf.com/index.php?p=365 this plugin, and the default smiley turns up alright, and I have the others placed where they should be, in the plugins directory… but I can’t get it to work. What to write in the custom fields? There’s a dropdown menu where I can choose ‘moods’, but from there on I have no idea what to write in the other fields. I have tried to write the mood, the picture, the smiley…

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  • It’s working now, thank you. I can use the smilies for new posts, but I can’t put them on older ones, I can’t get custom fields to work on existing posts???


    I’m having a different problem with the same plugin. I have the images uploaded, even chmod’d them to 777 just in case, and the moody.php file is uploaded, but when I go to my plugins page it doesn’t show up. It’s definitely in the right directory (I’ve quadruple-checked), and other plugins in the directory show up. Help?

    hey, davidcrickett, so can you tell me how’d you manage to make it work?? I’m also having the same problem. I’ve uploaded the smilies and the hack and activated the plug-in.. but i don’t know how to actually use it. or how to select the moods.. and where to select.. thank you for anyone who’ll reply to this one. 😀

    tried this?


    EDIT: I see you’re talking about the moods hack. my mistake.

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