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  • Hey, guys! 🙂

    I know it’s not a big deal and more “cosmetic” stuff than really “error”-related, but anyway:

    Why is the shown ALT-text for the smiley “:D” not “:D”, but “D”?
    In other words: why is the colon removed?
    This happens with other Smilies, i. e. “:roll:” becomes “roll” in the ALT-text, too.

    What and how do I have to modify so that the colon is shown? 🙂

    Kindly regards,
    Martin.. 😀

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  • *bump*

    Noone here to help me? 🙂

    Mmm, I’m not really sure because I never really used them before.. But, maybe…just maybe it’s done like that to make things a little more simpler for the users, and to (add) post them quicker.

    For me to just quickly type: “D” or “roll” would be much faster and easier to add smilies to posts.. rather then sit and “peck” at the keyboard trying to remember to add the semi-colons all the time….I dunno… The Moderators might be able to help ya better then..


    But the smiley-code has to be “:D” in order to get an image displayed..

    My question is why “:D” must be typed, but the ALT-attribute text only shows “D”?!

    Oh sorry, I mis-understood your first thread then. =( Mmm, I’m not sure really.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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