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  1. gpaciga
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I want to make sure that WordPress does not ping sites listed under "Update Services" in the Option panel when editing old posts. I know WordPress remembers which posts it has already sent pings for, but I'm worried that editing very old posts, before I started pinging sites, will cause a new ping.

    Smart Update Pinger could be used with old versions of WP to force this behaviour, but it isn't available anymore. Do new versions of WP have the behaviour I want by default, or is there a different plugin I should be using for WP 2.0? I checked the Codex but it appears to be out of date in this area.

  2. It's not available anymore apparently. Does anyone know of any other plugins that provide this feature? The last thing I want, is to be banned for too many pings.

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