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  1. bravenewniche
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm working on a real estate site and I'd like live Google maps on each house's post. But I don't want the client to have to do anything extra while creating the post - some GM plugins have an box in the post editor screen where you'd enter a location for the map. Sounds nice and simple, but we all know how clients can find even the simplest task daunting :-)

    So I'm trying to embed Smart Maps coding within the template page, immediately after the_content() runs. I figured that because I'm still in The Loop that anything using ShortCode would still work - but clearly not.

    Of course if I put the code into the post itself, it works like a charm, but again, I don't want the client to have to deal with it at all (they'll mess it up and call me...)

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