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  • I know you want to recommend the Pen plugin to go with the Pen theme, and that’s totally fine. But it would be nice if those of us who choose not to install it would have some relief from the suggestion banner. Currently, even if we dismiss it by clicking the little X on the right, it will reappear on the next page or refresh of the same page. Most other such suggestion banners go away for some amount of time (a year? a month? until next login?), and many of them only appear on pages that are directly relevant to what they are suggesting. But yours nags us on every page, every time. I love your theme, and I’m sure your plugin is also great, but I tend to be minimalist about plugins unless I’m sure I need them, so it would be nice if there was a way to dismiss the banner a little more thoroughly.

    One other bit of feedback (about your website, not the theme per se): Your site apparently sets the site language based on the visitor’s IP address, but it would be better to base it on the browser language preferences. I’m an American living in Japan, and every time I go to your website it defaults to the Japanese machine translation (well, mostly – bulleted lists in various places are still in English for some reason) and I have to change it to English. Most other sites that are multilingual (either human or machine translation) will use the browser language as the trigger. Just trying to help! 🙂

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  • Theme Author htmlpie


    Hi there,

    Thank you! Sure, we’ll make all these changes as soon as possible.

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