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  • Hi there, I am currently putting together blog for a friend, I am fairly new to WordPress so any advice would be most welcome.
    The site I have a problem with is called and my friend is saying that the site is not coming up on certain peoples machines and the ‘Virus’ word has been mentioned a couple of times and they think it may have something to do with my Tag Cloud, I think it may be a disgruntled web designer that should have had the job, but I just thought I’d check. I’ve run a few malware plugins over the site and checked a few security issues which threw up the usual stuff which i’ve corrected, but they’re still saying that my site has a virus, I’m not sure what else to suggest.?? Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks all…

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  • Cant help you from here… someone needs to go through each line of code!!

    signatures are not permitted here, please stop leaving your URL in every post or you will be blocked – moderators

    I can go through each line of code, is there anything i should be looking out for?

    No don’t worry. I guess the problem with your site could be that it uses certain words like ‘gay’ ect that could be blocked by some firwalls or other similar software on some machines.

    Though there is absolutely no reason to do that, however the fact that your website is not loading only on some machines leads me to think like this.

    You know that didn’t even occur to me at all but thanks for flagging it up I’ll mention it. Thanks Dheerajsl

    Glad to help!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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