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  • I am in charge of our small college’s newspaper. I’ve got a WP 2.1 running locally with MAMP and am working on creating pages, users and their heirachy of user rights.
    My questions are all (hopefully) going to stay in this thread as to benefit future WP newspaper type people looking for answers.
    The hurdle is to take a blog based web app and meld it into a newspaper site. I’ve chosen WP for it’s clean admin layout where I can trust any contributor/author with adding his or her own article.
    I would love to know how to edit the users name in this heirachy
    admin >> editor >> assistant editor >> writer >> contributor
    Where the admin does it all, the editor can edit all posts, but also have sub sectioned editors and assistants… ie) news editor, sports editor, asst. news editor etc.

    Next question. Scenario a writer logs in to post up his or her story. By what means do categories and/or custom functions make the ability to add their story to their respective page.
    for example: sally writes article on ontology in cyberspace. sally clicks a category in composing her post and hits publish. sally is a news editor, how do you automate her new post to hit the front page as well as hit the news page set up?

    Last question: Default display name as Jack Daniels when the new user creates her login account. How do you edit the default display prefrence and/or set custom ones.

    props to the WP community in advance… lots to learn lots to benefit

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  • Look for a plug-in called Role Manager, that’ll help with your first issue. Second issue, if you create a category called “news,” and then create a post under the “news” category… it will appear on both the front page and the news category page. So it works as you would expect automatically. Last question, I’m assuming you can edit it under the “Users” section of the control panel.

    thanks for the plug-in tip. looks like it’s a tad buggy but will work for its purpose.
    about the 2nd issue bryan, i’m using basic WP on a couple sites of mine, but nothing of this planning etc. right now if i have a news page, home page, etc. and correlating categories what makes the new post pop up on the related page automatically? or is categories automatically defined to do that?
    The last question was how to say… when I make any new user can their default public display not be bdonnan but rather And Donnan etc.

    Theres a site called which gives us option to display news with pictures of our choice in any topic.

    There is javascript and php code to choose from.
    Most imporatnt is that its free to use and we can dispaly any news as many we want.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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