• alyxp


    This plugin causes a timeout if you try to import many users. I had to break down my list into several files with around 50 users each to get the import to work.

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  • Plugin Author Javier Carazo


    We are aware of this problem and we are working on it so that the standard import is done in steps and does not give this type of errors due to long executions.

    The import via cron is already executed by steps and the export also as you may have checked.

    In any case, while we release this improvement some important details.

    • WordPress Importer the WordPress importer plugin also suffers from this problem so it is not so serious.
    • It’s not so serious, because just raising the runtime in a timely manner solves it.
    • And most importantly, criticisms like this are very destructive. Put yourself in our place, a user who without even having asked in the support forum to ask for solutions that there are (while we release the final one) rates us with a one.

    We dedicate a lot of hours to this project altruistically for the community and when this kind of evaluations arrive with the worst grade without even having asked before, it makes you want to abandon the project or turn it into something else so that at least the time spent at least had an economic return.

    If you have any free project, I hope that yaour users to whom you dedicate your time with all your effort and love, value you better than you have done in this case.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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