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    I was using Lazy Gallery, but found Lazy(est) gallery to be more perfect to me.
    Im stuck with a problem i cant figure it out.

    if you click a folder ( Amy Smart for example ) it wont go for the gallery of its own, but it re-opens the gallery browser.. 🙁

    Any ideia with what can be wrong?

    Thankn in advance 🙂


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  • I noticed you marked this [Resolved], but, can you let everyone else know what you did to “Resolve” it? This might help others that are having the same problem as you had.. =) 😉


    The problem was that the gallery folder that we define in the options as the ftp folder place for the photos , had the same name has the worpress page containing the gallery. This made some kind of constant loop in the page.

    Dont know if im explaining right… hope i am 🙂

    Quick aswer : Avoid having the same name in the ftp folder and the Galery page 😛

    I just notice that we have some time limit to edit posts, so i cant take the resolved off the topic name 🙁

    Thanks for updating us on this.. 😉 I’m sure others that happen to have the same problem as you had, might learn from this then. 😉


    No problem, and i learn a bit messing with it, maybe i can help others…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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