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    Hi guys,

    First of no issues but some small feature suggestions. (Which i have been doing manually now with NotificationX since the first release).

    1] Make the way the username is displayed an option to choose from.

    Now it is First Name + First letter of last name.
    I think this should be an option where we can choose from;
    – First Name + First letter of last name
    – First Name only
    – Display name (nick/name)
    (For obvious reasons I would not suggest username)
    That way you can use it more flexible and in more scenarios.

    2] Allow the content to be something else then just post title.

    We can select Post Title to be displayed which is ok.
    But what I am currently changing every time is making it the comment content (as my use mainly focuses around blog / WP comments usage at the moment)

    I would like a dedicated parameter for comment content in the WP-Comments scenario.
    In the back you could do something like;

    $comment_data['comment'] = wp_trim_words( $comment->comment_content, 10, '...' );
    (you could even take that one step further and make the word count (the 10 here) an option)

    3] I dont like gravatar … for various reasons.(One being it is an unneeded external call)

    I would like to see an option for the normal local avatar.
    What you now do is a get_avatar call which returns gravatar but with below you could get the local avatar.
    $avatar = get_avatar($data['email'], 100, '', $data['name'], array('extra_attr' => 'title="'.$data['name'].'"'));

    Once again make it an option as it will make NotificationX more flexible.

    This last one is one I just realised;

    4a] Sound seems to be coming.
    Looking at the demo on https://demo.notificationx.com/?product=v-neck-t-shirt I see you are looking into sound as well. Nice, please make it so the sound is something we can decide upon.

    4b] Sound compatibility
    Also I noticed that the audio.play is not playing on Firefox. This is due to Firefox being a bit more strict on audio.play events. Not sure what you can do to remedy this.
    I am using a user to user notification solution running which does trigger even on Firefox.

    I looked at their code, maybe it may help you get this working as well;

    function um_notification_sound() {
    	var $bell = jQuery('.um-notification-b');
    	var hasNew = $bell.hasClass('has-new');
    	var liveCount = $bell.find('.um-notification-live-count').html().trim() || 0;
    	var sound = new Audio( um_notifications.sound_url );
    	if (hasNew && liveCount > $bell.data('liveCount')) {
    		var promise = sound.play();
    		if (promise !== undefined) {
    			promise.then(function (res) {
    				console.log('Notification sound played!');
    			}).catch(function (error) {
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  • Plugin Author Rupok


    Thanks @patrick_d1985

    All feedback and requests are duly noted and passed to the developers. Hopefully will be implemented soon. I appreciate your time on this to send us detailed feedback which is very important for us at this stage. It’s already getting better every day and your feedback will help us to improve the product more.


    Dont mention it Rupok!

    In all fairness I like they way you guys are setting this up. (and when I like something I tend to give input/feedback). Personally I like the FOMO approach but I always wanted a solution that looks at actual data and not fake data (like some other options out there do … and while I get that there is market for that … who are you ‘fooling’ in the end is something I always have to think about)

    But when it comes to the comments regard … you really are the first to do so as far as I know. And that was something I was really looking for. Inform everyone (and not just a user to user relation) about activity. That will always cause more interaction.

    Anyway keep up the great job guys 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Dankers

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