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  • First, just a quick note to let whoever needs to know that the “Version” selector for this post doesn’t list 2.7.

    I have a very simple request to make that would save me a lot of time over the long run. In the write panel under the title text box there is a line that previews what the permalink will be. I constantly find myself copying and pasting that permalink for use in my blog posts (primarily to link to the #comments section). I guess really this post has two requests:

    1. A “copy” button next to the permalink preview that, when clicked, would simply copy the permalink so I can paste it into my blog post. Of course, the downside to this is that when including the category in your permalink structure, this could change if you use a different category than what’s currently present. Thus, a second option…

    2. An “insert permalink” button that when clicked, would produce a link that will link to your blog’s permalink post, once it has been published. Often I will highlight a bit of text, such as a question, and link it to my comments section. Being able to highlight that section, hit “insert permalink,” and be done with it would be awesome. Another great option would be to include a couple options, such as including the id of the section you want to link directly to (ie. #comments, #respond, etc). This would also be helpful if you’ve included any links to other sections in your article that have id’s, as you could link them earlier in your document (eg. including a footnote, table of contents, etc).

    Anyway, those are my simple, humble requests. If anyone knows of a solution already out there, please let me know! I have looked and have come up short, though maybe I’m not using the correct search terms.

    Take care,

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