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  • RoboticsProfessor


    I want to start a site specific to a particular type of hardware and programming software.

    Ultimately, I’d like to have the following sections where products and services can be offered:
    – Courses on hardware and programming of microcontroller software (Main and first goal) – Availability of individual Lab Exercises whrer students demonstrate skills learned.
    – Sale of microcontroller hardware
    – Sales of robotics and electronic kits
    – Related book sales (last choice – everybody else does that.)
    – Related ad links, like adSense.

    All but the first would be add-ons to surround my main goal of training, so my questions have to do specifically with training courses.Question #1: I’m told WordPress with a shopping basket is best for my particular type of small business site. I’ve purchased a site and I’m ready to install WordPress. Which shopping card add-ons should I research or consider?

    Question #2: Is the following sequence reasonable (do-able) in WordPress?? (I’m HTML, CSS and PHP fluent)
    a. Potential student selects an individual lesson in a course or the entire course.
    b. Student pays online (PayPal, credit card or whatever)
    c. With approved payment, student gets an access code or password that gives him/her access to the authorized lessons.
    d. Student demonstrates course objectives by completing online quizzes/exams.
    e. When complete, student receives a completion certificate.

    Question #3: There is a lot of info online about WordPress and blogging, but there seems to be very little about the small one-man business with different related sales items as I’ve outlined above. Can anybody point me to a site or sites that have a similar concept? I’d like to see how others implement this kind of small business.

    Question #4: And lastly, but very specific… Any experience out there with online training classes using WordPress??

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  • rxhost


    Hi Robotics Professor,

    I think for the training and online quizzes etc you would be best suited to using moodle.

    You can by all means use wordpress to content manage your main “sales” site and even do the ecommerce.

    Most clients I work with use zen cart or something similar for ecommerce.
    Wp-ecommerce I have heard is a viable ecommerce platform for wordpress also.

    You’ll need to look online for a way of integrating any ecommerce with moodle to the point where it auto creates a user and password for the customer and enrols them for all or some of your courses. If you know php this should be rather straight forward.

    Then just create a wordpress theme and moodle theme to match. And your site will look seamless.

    If you’d like to discuss further please let me know. Good luck.



    Thanks! I’ll research moodle, Zen Cart and WP-Ecommerce.

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