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  • Hello folks,

    I installed the plugin on my site (ver.3.5.2). It works — more or less. Using the twenty-ten theme.
    I am not a coder.


    1. The character indicating that there is a footnote is very small, barely noticeable. Is there a way to enlarge it?
    2. I have 7 footnotes in a post on a page. Strangely, there is one which does not become a footnote but stays the inline text. I checked for compliance with the required formatting (square brackets, number, period,) and everything is fine (any special characters that cannot be in the footnote text?)). The only thing about this footnote that it is a little bit longer that the rest (about 6 lines).
    Any reason for this footnote to be ignored?
    3. The link after the footnote that supposed to take you back where you originally came from only take you back about 1 line extra down the text, not exactly where it came from.

    Any thoughts?

    (or, if there is no more development on this, a suggestion for another plugin for the same function that does not have these quirks?)


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