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  • Hi Guys,
    I have spent a couple of days looking at menu walkers and trying to find a mobile jquery script, these were for creating a mobile header and menu that only shows on small devices.

    I will be making the files downloadable once we have a version that is working fine.

    I found a little two level jquery script that works ok, it slides section > items
    Section 1
    –item 1
    –item 2
    —nested item 2
    Section 2
    –item 1
    –item 2

    I created two walkers one that strip out all the classes (not used but handy for others), the other turns top level items into sections, if the menu is not setup right.

    Also a Mobile Header widget area, so we can loose the standard header.


    I have looked on my HTC and played with re-sizing the Browser Window, anyone with five minutes and a small device could offer any feedback, device size and comments.

    I have only done media queries for max-width: 767px for now, the website is the sandbox photoblogging site here!

    Here is a screenshot of where I am at with it now!


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