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  • Hi, I have a WP site v 4.9.7 with very few plugins using the Sydney theme. I took over responsibility for the site and recently noticed something about the blog posts I’m putting up. The slug, or URL of the post is set in the permalinks to be the “post name” but it is not using the current post I’m writings title. It uses the very first posts slug and then adds a digit to the end. so, and so on. I’m expecting it to do like all the other WP sites I’ve created and set the slug using the post title. They look like, I went in and manually changed the slugs so the URLS are more descriptive and more SEO friendly but I tested putting up a new post and it is not taking the post name. It is still using the first posts slug + the digit. Even though I changed the slug in the first post. I tried switching the permalinks and it does change using things like the data and then post name but I prefer just the post title because the name I pick is SEO friendly. What are the areas I look for this kind of issue?

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    Usually, when WordPress appends the “-2” to a slug, that means you still have the old content by the same name, probably in the trash, draft, etc. If so, try emptying it.

    Thanks, there was stuff in the trash that I emptied but I don’t think that is it. Reason being is that the first post is still live and has relevant info in it so I don’t want to delete it. But when I changed the slug on that post it now creates new posts using that new slug name from that first post. Do I have to delete that first post all together and recreate it? And just to make sure, I tested it again after cleaning the trash and it is still using that first post slug.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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