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  • Hello
    i have a problem and i think i’m miss-using something, because i cant’t image this is a bug:

    I have wp 3.4 and latest qtranslate.
    i also have qtranslate slug latest.

    I have some pages with translated slugs. lets say cities.
    german slug staedte.

    I build up my menu sing get_permalink(ID).

    having the page in german mode my link is http://www.domain.tld/staedte

    using the english flag i get http://www.domain.tld/en/staedte
    NOT OK in my opinion, since i wanted http://www.domain.tld/en/cities
    BUT I still get the right page translated in English

    NOW the link item in menu shows the url http://www.domain.tld/en/cities
    WHICH is actually OK

    The flags now show /staedte and /en/staedte.

    When I click on the cities menu now i get
    the flag showing german domain/cites and english domain/en/cities
    => NOW the german link shows error page not found.

    So in my opinion the switcher doesnot work right. But maybe I am using something in a wrong way?
    Please help

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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