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    Hi! So far, loving this plugins capability but I’m running into a tough spot. I’m hoping you can help.

    When I define all the variations with attributes, it appropriately adds all the slugs and it looks good. The trouble is, for one of my variations (Color), I use “Any Color” because the price doesn’t adjust. And when I do that, it does not add in the slug for color to the SKU.

    You’ll see that the ‘Color’ attribute doesn’t come through if you check this link:

    One Inch Wide Original CableWrap

    That description may have been confusing, so I’ll include a screenshot of the WordPress Dashboard that sets up the product:

    I’m guessing this is probably something everyone experiences and that it’s just a rare occurrence. Is there a quick fix for this?

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  • Plugin Author Beka Rice


    Hey @flantascience,

    Thanks for getting in touch with this question. While I can definitely see the usefulness of what you’ve outlined here to create a SKU for an “Any” variation, I’m afraid this set up is not possible as you’ve outlined. Without having a specific variation for the color, our plugin has no way to generate a SKU for this, as to WooCommerce, this “variation” does not exist — it’s all technically the same “product” because it doesn’t have different colors.

    SKUs are tied to a variation, which is a special kind of product (a child product). Without a product being created for each color, there’s no product for which we can generate a SKU, nor is there anything to which we could tie that SKU.

    Since a SKU is a property of a product, is must be created *for* a product, it can’t be generated during the cart or checkout process dynamically based on what a customer selects. In short, since no product has been generated in the backend / admin for this variation, our plugin has nothing to generate a SKU for and no way to store it.

    Sorry I don’t have better news for you here! Can I help out with any other questions?

    Cheers, Beka

    How would you recommend I proceed? Could I hire you to add this feature? What would the cost be? I’m stuck in a rough spot because we’ve got 10 different colors we offer on our products and color doesn’t effect price… but we do need it in our catalog identification. If we add in variations for the colors then suddenly we’ll be inputting 10X as much data. And WooCommerce is really clunky for inputting variation data once you get past the first page which I think is limited to 25 variations.

    Plugin Author Beka Rice


    Hey @flantascience, I’m afraid it’s not something that can be added via custom code. Without a specific variation for the color, there’s nothing to generate a SKU for, or to which you can tie the SKU. If the SKU should be in the catalog, it needs to have a variation for which the SKU exists; a SKU can’t exist on its own as a piece of data that’s not anchored to anything.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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