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  • Hi guys,

    I’m new on this forum and have a question about a slug issue with custom posts and child pages. I already searched the forum about this issue, but couldn’t find a good solution for the problem. Perhaps you could help me with a nice solution.

    Lets say I have a page with the name ‘Agenda’ en the slug ‘agenda’. I have created custom posts with the same slug ‘agenda’. When someone visits the ‘’ he will see a welcome text thats editable via Pages. If the customer clicks on a event (custom post) on the agenda page, the slug of this custom post will be ‘’ or ‘’. That works great!

    Now I would like to have another page with some basic information about the agenda. Lets say I created a child page called ‘Basic information’. The slug that WordPress creates is ‘’. Awesome, thats what I want! But the when I visit the child page it shows a ‘Page not found’ message. I know WordPress is showing this because he is looking for a custom post called ‘basic-information’ and this doesn’t exist, but is it possible to fix this?

    The solution I’m looking for is: If WordPress can’t find a custom post with slug ‘’ he will look for a child page called ‘basic-information’?

    Thanks a lot for your responses, I would appreciate it.

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