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  • On the surface this plugin looks great. Except once installed in WordPress alongside Elementor Page Builder, the entire WordPress site slows down. Maybe there is a fix that can overcome this. The moment I uninstalled this plugin, my entire wordpress site increased in speed by 2-4 times.

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    Hi there parhamm, this is John.

    Performance issues have never been reported with Style Kits, but we would be more than happy to look into your setup if you provide some further context at

    I also see that you have recently added three identical reviews almost at the same time, all with 1-star rating and with the exact same description, to three different plugins.

    I am not sure what is the case here, but I definitely don’t see Style Kits being your main issue with your site’s performance. Again, happy to look into your issue if you are willing to provide relevant information.


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    This is feedback and there is nothing to report here. Please do not report it a second time.

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    Hi folks, just to clarify, I’m currently running Ver 5.3 of WP. I had about 54 compatible (tested) plugins installed with good ratings and the entire system was running brutally slow. So I deactivated everything and one by one reactivated each plugin starting with Elementor. As soon as I hit a plugin that suddenly reduced the performance of WordPress, I flagged it and deactivated it. When I say slow I mean it slowed the entire site by 80-90%. What used to take 4 seconds suddenly took 15-20 seconds to load a page.

    After deactivating that plugin, I went onto the next, and the next, etc. Every time I activated a plugin that significantly slowed the site, I flagged it and deactivated it. I ended up with 4 plugins that were significantly slowing the site. I thought each plugin was by a different developer (2 of the plugins were by the same developer). So I left the same comment separately for the 3 developers so each developer can look into their own plugin. No intention to make multiple comments on the same plugin.

    Anyway, I thought this was the process to notify developers since they would want to know to fix coding issues and let their users know when it’s fixed or maybe that it is a different issue. I wish all users share their comments before I download the plugin. Otherwise it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack when trying to fix an issue. If someone did that for me, I would have resisted downloading the plugin using Elementor and saved many many hours of lost time as a result of inefficiencies and trying to figure out the problem. Hope that clarifies.

    Thank you

    Hi Parhamm, are you referring to the speed of the front-end or back-end ?

    Plugin Author Ram Ratan Maurya


    Hi @parhamm, appreciate you for taking time to clarify things.

    To make things clear, note that on plugin activation, we make API request to fetch templates info that stores our library info for displaying templates information. While that’s not persistent on each load, it fetches that info when you activate the plugin that might take a few seconds.

    Other than that, what all our plugin does is that it adds some extra functionality to Elementor editor, which during our stress tests proved to be around 100-150ms delay while loading Elementor. We do not interact with any other functionalities other than Elementor.

    Again, if you still think our plugin is causing delays any more than this then I’m happy to take a look at what’s going on if it’s alright with you 🙂

    We’re running the plugin ourselves on production sites, so performance is something we take very seriously. We’ve over 4k+ active installation so far and facebook group where we communicate with our users often. So far we haven’t had any reports for speed/performance, so if you believe there is one, I’d appreciate your help to get to bottom of this; if you can open a ticket at


    Plugin would be great WITHOUT the templates!

    Plugin Contributor AnalogWP


    @blmbmj Thanks for your input. Actually these templates are the only templates (so far) in the Elementor ecosystem with dynamic styling control. We approach them as an invaluable asset to the plugin.

    The Style Kits panel was originally created to facilitate this dynamic nature in template design, by compiling the basic design variables of the template into a Style Kit.

    Thanks for your feedback again!

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    Ram Thanks for your feedback. If I am the only user that has experienced this slowdown, it could be a conflict with another one of my plugins, although I could not figure it out at the time. This is probably not a problem any longer considering this was 5 months ago when I left a review. I would encourage anyone looking for the featured you offer in your plug to certainly install and test your plugin on their site and monitor the website speed and draw their own conclusion.

    As for this review, I might have been a bit harsh at the time I invested in trying to find the problem, and narrowing it down to your plug and the three others. If there is a way to change the rating, let me know. Alternatively the moderator may wish to just delete my review or increase it to a 4, and I give my authorization if they choose to do so.

    Best, Parham

    Plugin Author Ram Ratan Maurya


    Hey @parhamm,

    Thanks for getting back, it’s been a while 🙂

    I’m not sure if you’ve given the plugin a shot lately but since Elementor introduced Theme Styles, things are even faster now as we integrated our settings into Theme Styles.

    Glad to hear that you’re willing to change the review. You can do so here.


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