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  • Plugin Author Thomas M


    Hi loythegreat,

    I am sorry that you experience the plugin slowing down your site.

    Are you referring to the backend or the frontend?
    Are ads enabled on the frontend? If so, they are normally the cause for slowing the site down. Or did you experience it without any ads enabled? How did you measure it?

    Happy Holidays!


    I measured it using P3 Plugin Performance Profiler with ads already enabled on the frontend. It caused a slowdown of 233 ms which was about the same for 15 other plugins I have combined. Did multiple tests with the same results. This is a great plugin but I want to optimize my site for speed so I uninstalled it. Maybe you can look at what’s causing the slowdown and fix it. Thanks for replying.

    Plugin Author Thomas M


    Thanks for your reply.

    I actually measure it all the time. See this article.
    Just repeated the test and Advanced Ads was loading in 30ms including multiple premium add-ons. So I don’t think there is a general issue to fix.

    Could you please install Query Monitor and see what exactly slows down your site?


    This is my P3 plugin scan results:

    I also run Query Monitor and my theme had the most queries with 127 and Advanced Ads only 5.

    Plugin Author Thomas M


    Thanks. Unfortunately, P3 is not suited to find the cause and there is no information about what they base the results on.
    Since Advanced Ads is managed to implement code into your site, the plugin might just measure the impact of those codes and not Advanced Ads core itself. How is the chart if you enable “disable all ads in frontend” in _Advanced Ads > Settings > General_?

    Is caching enabled while measuring?

    Is there anything in Query Monitor that looks “slow”?



    Hello. Sorry to jump in.

    Unfortunately, P3 is not suited to find the cause and there is no information about what they base the results on.

    I’m a bit of developer myself and I agree with @webzunft in this matter. I’ve been using Advanced Ads for 5 months now. And I’ve never encountered any issue at all.

    Regarding the slow issue using this plugin. I’m pretty sure that this problem is not related to this plugin.

    Before using this plugin, my Pingdom Test always A score (92 ~ 95). Then I use this plugin and add few ads (likely 10 images ads etc) and test my speed. It remains the same score.

    Next, I remove the previous ads and replace it with 4 Adsense Ads (responsive and image ads). I noticed my Pingdom speed test score drop a bit to B score (84 ~ 88). Still, my page fully loaded under 2-3 seconds. Just to let you know, I’m hosting with SiteGround using shared hosting plan and using PHP version 7.2 with 3 levels of the cache system.

    After that, I tried the same thing as above using my friend hosting (different hosting company). Seems his Pingdom score drop from B score to D score after adding 4 Adsense Ads.

    So I believe using certain ads may slow down your website a bit but it still depends on how you set up your site or your hosting plan. Perhaps you can try checking with your hosting company either they support http/2 or if you have any caching system enabled including Memcached. Perhaps there are some areas on your website that can be optimized further. Hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Thomas M


    Thanks, Shah Ahmad Yusof, for sharing your experience.

    Ad networks always add their own scripts and load resources from other domains, so they are not neutral when it comes to page speed tests. If loaded asynchronously, the site might still load in the same time.

    Advanced Ads is indeed neutral here since all the additional resources are coming from the code the user injected.

    I have seen a couple of speed issues in the backend, though. It often comes down to a conflict caused by another plugin. In most cases, the responsible party fixes the issue quickly. The same applies if there is really something broken in Advanced Ads.


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