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  • This plugin slowed down my site by 1.87 seconds of load time. I deleted it and just added a snippet I found online for the .htaccess file and it got rid of a lot of errors and my site loaded much faster afterwards. I think the plugin was a great idea but it wasn’t for me.

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    Really Simple SSL is designed to be as lightweight as possible to minimize the impact on load time. SSL in general can have a slight impact on loading time because all traffic is encrypted. The impact can be bigger on heavyweight sites/themes and hosting environments. Only adding an .htaccess redirect is usually not enough to move a site to SSL, the site address has to be updated to https:// as well.

    We have written an article to explain how and why some sites are slower after moving to SSL and what can be done about it. The article also analyses the impact of Really Simple SSL on load time. You can find the article here:


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    Making a site HTTPS from HTTP can be solved running search and replace using WP-CLI or running a couple of MySQL queries in phpMyAdmin.

    wp search-replace ‘’ ‘’ –recurse-objects –skip-columns=guid –all-tables

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    If you want to do it manually, this is a good start.

    On a lot of sites just replacing the site domain won’t be enough though: jquery files, css, iframes, forms and images can point to another domain and should be replaced to https too.

    Additionally I would recommend to add a htaccess redirect.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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