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  • I’ve been having some load time issues with all the WordPress sites on my dedicated server with Hostgator. HTML static sites load fine, but not WordPress ones.

    It’s consistently taking 16 seconds to load every WordPress site I have, regardless of plugins and content. I even installed a fresh WP blog at [] and it’s taking 16 seconds from my location and also at another location 300 miles from here.

    Every time I talk to Hostgator they say it loads fine. (Of course, it would, they’re closer to the source.)

    I’ve been checking my sites with [] and it loads the theme stylesheet 16 seconds after it hits the site. For every wordpress site.

    I’m stuck and not really sure how to fix this.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Yeah you are right it does take a long time.

    Are you saying if you changed that page on that URL to static HTML it would load straight away?

    How about if it has php in, non-wordpress, e.g try a page which just has

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    And see how that loads.

    Loaded in 1 second…

    Hmm I see very strange… Could you just try changing your index.php in the default theme folder (wp-content/themes/default/index.php) to only this:

    <?php get_header(); get_footer(); ?>


    Same load time.

    Hm then it’s either a MySQL problem, have you ever run any other MySQL sites without this problem? Then we can discount this.

    Personally I think it could be a standard WP issue maybe, that hopefully someone who walks in here knows about, i’ll have a look into it anyhow!

    What would be something that I could set up with MySQL that would give us the information we need?

    I’ve never really done anything from scratch. I’ve always used pre-packaged setups for my websites.

    Hm i’m not too sure you could install something like Joomla, but that would take too long.

    Just try changing index.php to <?php get_footer(); ?> only for a moment!


    Still 16 seconds.

    OK you may change it back.

    Bit of a stab in the dark but delete the .htaccess file (you should find one in the wordpress root)

    There’s not one.

    It usually shows up if I change the settings for the permalinks, but since it’s a fresh install I didn’t.

    If it were me i’d install another Blog Platoform just to test out MySQL.

    I installed SilverStripe and it seems to be doing just fine.

    Should I try another one?

    Have you fixed the problem? it’s running smooth now!

    No, it’s still running slow.

    WordPress is slow and SilverStripe is fast.

    I assume that means MySQL is doing fine.

    Is there anything else to rule out or try?

    Something to note…

    I’ve noticed when I type in the URL, hit enter, click the url and hit enter again (basically refresh the page before it loads), it loads faster.

    Not sure if that gives any clue as to why it loads slow on the first time and not on the second time, but it’s a trick I’ve found to view the site faster.

    Still doesn’t help everyone else who waits for it to load the first time.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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