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  • Okay folks. I recently moved to a hosted server (GoDaddy) and have been VERY happy with that decision overall…but suddenly both the subscriber side and the admin side of my blog Words From have ground to a startlingly slow load speed.

    I contacted GoDaddy and they said, “Sorry, but we can’t reproduce this problem.” Well, okay. Why is it that anytime I go to view my blog or go to do admin stuff through my dashboard, I have to wait 15-20 seconds for anything to load? I’m paying for advertising (AdWords and AdCenter) but the advertising dollar is essentially nullified when people who click on my ads find themselves waiting and waiting and waiting for my front page to load!

    1) Can anybody replicate the slow load? When you click on the link above, does my blog come up at an acceptable speed, or do you find yourself waiting like I do?

    2) If you had to wait for the load, got any ideas as to what the problem might be if my host “can’t replicate” the problem? (seems hokey to me.)

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  • godaddy is your problem… did you really expect them to say “yeah, uh, we put you on an overloaded server with 3000 users on it”

    every second site I find on godaddy is taking 6-11 seconds to process 40 queries.

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