• This plugin slows down you site a lot. They injected a footer without your knowledge. Force you to create URL with their term if you dont upgrade.
    Their content is being flagged by google as duplicate from hundreds of sites.
    Just stay away.

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    Hi there!

    We would have appreciated getting in touch with us to troubleshoot the errors or opening a Support thread instead of a 1-star review as we reply fast enough to provide information.

    That said, let me address all points:

    – We do not slow a WordPress website in any way.

    Our plugin is very simple and we use the minimum amount of resources we can to deliver the plugin: minimal JS, minimal CSS etc.

    I’m not sure how our plugin can slow a website considering the above.

    – We include a footer with links to the legal pages you publish. That’s part of a Compliance Kit we call “Links to Legal Pages” and we enable it by default as it’s a best practice to make sure your legal pages links are visible.

    In no way we include these links without your knowledge. It’s also worth noting that these links are the links of your own published legal pages, nothing else.

    The “Links to Legal Pages” Compliance Kit can be disabled any time.

    – All legal pages published use the “wpautoterms” in the page slug that can be changed within the premium version of the plugin, that’s true.

    Our premium version allows us to continue development on the plugin.

    – It’s the first time I’m hearing that Google marks the content of a legal page as duplicate content.

    Each generated legal page can share some text as they are part of a standard provision but each policy is unique.

    Would you mind sharing more information where that content is marked as duplicated? A screenshot would be useful.

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