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    Thank you for your time developing this plugin. It was highly recommended in one of the WordPress publications. Alas, I was unable to use it because at each and every click in the WordPress backend of my website, your plugin tried to make connection with This took between 15 seconds to 2 minutes making it near impossible to administer the backend. I am living in the UK and has no problems otherwise with regards to the speed of my broadband and traffic with the host of my website. After deleting your plugin, my website was as speedy as before. I am very sorry about this negative feedback, but I thought it would be helpful to let other people know. I could not find any information on the web how to solve the problem, and it took me two hours this morning to trace the problem to your plugin.

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  • I’m having the same problem. I tried updating my theme, WP install, everything, and nothing worked until I disabled the WP Image Borders which was going update checks every time I loaded a back-end administration page.

    Disabled it and everything’s working great. Keep me updated if there’s a fix.

    Hi Ben,

    We’ve used your program for many months now on our website and it literally transforms the boring square images into really great looking ones–very classy.

    However, just a few days ago we were also hit by the slowdown bug which virtually stopped anything we could do in the Admin Dashboard. Our systems administrator did a great job by tracking the problem to the WP Images Borders plugin. He uninstalled it and the problem immediately went away.

    When this bug first appeared I also noticed that the website hung on trying to connect to I don’t recall this happening before but may be the root of the problem.

    Your plugin is great, and we’d love to use it again, but not at this stage because of the dashboard issues. If you could fix this, that would be great!

    Thanks again for a great plugin.

    Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    Hey everyone,

    Really sorry about that! I just fixed the bug and made a few other updates as well.

    There shouldn’t be any backend performance issues anymore.

    Thanks Ben!

    We were really missing the cool border effects your plugin provided for us. Now we have them back. 😀

    Hi- As of today, April 13, 2014, I don’t see that this is fixed. Every time I load a page to edit it, WordPress stalls as it loads Sometimes it can take a minute or more to load. Has the issue returned?

    Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    Are you running v1.5.3? There aren’t any calls to in the plugin anymore.

    Everything’s back and working great! Thanks!

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