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    I installed this plugin and monitored it for 2 days before uninstalling.

    1. I used the optimize links and set it for single posts processing. I did not find any new links generated. After choosing process keywords & tags I did see some links generated but it was not contextually accurate and will misguide readers. So removed the process keywords/tags option and didn’t see any related links.

    2. I also used the nofollow option for external links and noticed that it even adds nofollow attribute for external links which I already marked as nofollow, so I ended up with rel=”nofollow nofollow” in external links that are already no-followed.

    3. Used the optimize image option and it did generate different sizes of my images in a separate folder for use on different device screens. My site did slow down by few seconds but I thought it is due to this process (I have around 80 posts and few hundred images already squished btw). So didn’t take immediate action of removing.

    4. I really like the watermarking feature and used it in default settings. Images that were watermarked looked great. But I noticed that it used to pick the only first image for the watermark and skip other images, for example, this post, has 3 images and the first one got a watermark. This was annoying.

    5. I used the optimize traffic option, added one module and tried to list 5 related article links in the current article in text style at the end of an article. Nothing fancy here, I thought this could also be causing slow down in the initial time of installing this plugin.

    What I found in reality and why I don’t recommend this?
    Even after 2 days, I noticed the site load times have slowed down by 5-10 seconds on average. This is even observed while reloading the same page which I expect to load faster due to caching. I also noticed the top few article I would load in my browser will take a long time to load again.
    It also messes up my image sizing in some articles like in above-mentioned article, the bottom two images (black colored) are resized to display side by side but this plugin makes them appear big so they appear one after the other.

    I think this wasted 2 days of my time and I absolutely don’t recommend this plugin unless you want to slow down your site.

    My website is

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