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  1. Biozarmedia
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Please can someone help me out. I have looked all over the internet what could be wrong. Since one month we have bought and implemented dynamix. Really a great theme! http://www.biozar.nl/eng We have installed the theme through our network admin as we are running two sites, one in dutch and the other one in English.. Since last Sunday we are experiencing seriosproblems as the admin panel loads soooooooo slow 30s-1m. The pages for our visitors run as hell. But at the back end it is a big problem. I have done anything, Deactivating plugins, even through FTP. Talked to our providor. Clear out cach etc. etc. I am running IE9. This morning i tested the admin panel again by switching to the twenty ten them and the spead came back again 3s.

    The dashboard also is showing (RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: name lookup timed out) could there be some correlation?

    once I have logged in to the admin panel it takes centuries before pages will be loaded. We are running a multisite network using wordpress 3.4.2. and Dynamix 2.9.2. beside this we have installed some plugins. But just the usual bunch:

    3d tagcloud
    All in one favicon
    Error log monitor
    Facebook like box
    Skype on line status
    Wordpress importer
    Wordpress Popup
    Wordpress SEO
    Wp mailSMTP
    WP super cache
    Wysija Newsletter

    What could be the problem?

  2. The dashboard also is showing (RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: name lookup timed out) could there be some correlation?

    It shouldn't but does your host have DNS issues?

    Try switching to the Twenty Eleven theme, deactivating all of your plugins and then performing a load speed test with that setup. That will give you your base load time. Then put back the theme, re-measure, then plugins one at a time. That should help you identify where the slowness comes from.

    Also on the web server side give this a read.


  3. Biozarmedia
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you it is resolved, it had something to do with the setting within our dynamix theme. TYVM

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