• Hello there,

    I have a problem with this website : http://www.cobe.fr.

    it takes AGES to load when not logged in. But if I log in, then it loads in 2 to 3 seconds.

    So I know there are photos size problems (told it 100 times to customer, but in vain),

    I also know it would be better to upgrade, but this is also a customer problem….

    but any way, that does not explain this logged in/not logged in difference.

    may you please help ?

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  • It loads in 2 seconds for me, the only issue I can see is that you’re missing Google Maps API keys, but I don’t see how this can affect the loading time of your site.

    "Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#no-api-keys"util.js:210:33
    "Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#sensor-not-required"util.js:210:33
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    Does it ? Well this is good news….

    Cannot understand why I have this problem…

    As to google map API, may you guide me to add one . I am not a developper. I saw the system looks for API key, and went to google maps API to get one, but did not understand what to do at all…so many différent keys, and then if I create one, what should I do with it ?

    If you know about his, your help would be precious. thanks

    For me, Pingdom is showing a load time of five to seven seconds, depending on location. Not horrible but not speedy either. Load time is mostly images, as you noted. Have you optimized the images using WP Smush or a similar plugin? You could also try a distributed caching solution such as JetPack or CloudFlare. Not sure why load time would be so much quicker when logged in.

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    Thanks to both of you for your answers, but I need to know : apart from what tools say (I had looked at them also), could you display the wesite easily yourself or not ?

    And yes wpsmush is on, but photos loaded are definitly too heavy and I dont run this website myself, just started it for them, and cannot persuade cobe people to take the time to optimize photos when they post..

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    Hello and thnaks for your answer. The tme you’re giving does comme from google page test doesn’i it ? Or did you load it yourself in that time ?

    I tried to get an Api key, but could not have it function, it stops the map displaying completly. May you help ?

    The times that I initially provided are from the Pingdom Website Speed Test (tools.pingdom.com). On my FireFox browser the attractive webpage loads fine, but makes me wait a bit. First load, with cache cleared, about 12 seconds (I’m in northern California USA). Page refresh, with benefit from browser cache, about four seconds.

    Hello @oazar

    Just a small note,

    Your website makes more than 120 different requests to render. That means it downloads over 120 different items – like photos, fonts, js files, and style-sheets – in the rendering process. Further, most of those requests are served from the same domain. This is a problem because no matter how quick the user’s internet connection, the files will have to queue up because there is a limit on parallel downloads of requests that a user can download from the same domain. This a browser / protocol limitation.

    Another thing, which is also related to the above is that you have almost 30 separate CSS files. When a browser encounters CSS file, it stops rendering the rest of the page and focuses on downloading the CSS file. You have almost 30 of those.

    js files are also pretty similar, I counted +25 separate files. They also stop the browser from downloading the rest of the page until they are downloaded and parsed or executed.

    Once those are reduced, combined and minified as much as possible, I would worry about your page size, it’s over 4mb

    Hope that helps

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    Hello J09 and thanks for caring.
    I am aware of these problems. i was using a cache that was solving thse files problem, but right now there is a redirection when I activate it, so I ned to debug to activat it again…

    How long did it take to load on your computer ?

    You’re welcome @oazar

    Caching only works on repeat view. This means on first visit or landing on your website, your users would have to wait for the page to load. Unless you use services like cloudflare. (which I suggest in your case)

    Also, once you’re done working out the issue, I would set a longer expatriation time for all the cache-able items.

    Your website load time is very long for me when I clear my local cache. Around 14-18 seconds on average.

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    Thanks to all you 3 for your tests and informations

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