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  • Hi

    My website was designed by a guy on designcrowd. I am very non techy, never built a site before, but once i got on to WordPress a new world opened up. But in truth i don’t know what i am doing and have probably contributed to my own problems…

    My website is

    The site is slow slow SLOW

    The site was designed to have a splash page, then the main homepage behind. Since it was handed over to me, i added nearly all the plugins.

    I don’t want to remove them as they’ve all added functionality i need / want. But i can’t help but wonder – have I gone overboard on the plugins??? 😀

    At the moment i got:
    Better template pro
    advanced social widget mailchimp
    mailchimp comments
    PrivateContent with a few extras
    Ultimate contact page
    Social Lockers
    Social sliders
    File list pro
    collapse o matic
    sweet WP testimonials
    a hello bar

    and a few others. I had jetpack but just deactivated it – site seemed very slow after that. But deactivating it, site is still v slow.

    oh – have WPC fast cache

    My adverts are starting next monday to drive traffic to the site. really need to get the site working faster.

    Any suggestions or offers of assistance would be most welcome!

    PS – my design guy can’t help, he’s Indian and doesn’t speak good english, now busy on other projects.

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  • Hi

    After reading some other posts – tried disabled and reactivating a few plugins and seen the difference.

    Even using WP admin is so SLOW.

    But since i deactivated the Hello! Bar plugin, sites seems to be running faster. Hopefully this was the problem. Shame, i liked it.

    I will report back if it slows up again (it WAS like treacle, now more like… honey).

    If anyone has taken a look at this post / my site and can spot anything else obviously wrong, please let me know. But at least the site is workable now, but still too slow.

    It’s the MailChimp plugin you’re using.

    There’s a fix here although for me that site is pig slow. So here’s the important bit from the post:

    We commented out lines 108 and 109 form the mailchimp.php file in the plugin folder.

    //wp_enqueue_style('mailchimpSF_main_css', home_url('?mcsf_action=main_css&ver='.MCSF_VER));
    //wp_enqueue_style('mailchimpSF_ie_css', MCSF_URL.'css/ie.css');

    As you can see from the image below, once the lines have been commented out, the overall page speed is vastly decreased.

    Just realised, when they say a speed decrease, they mean increase 🙂

    what do you think on the number of plugins – is this an issue? is there such a thing as ‘too many’ plugins???

    Suppose its all relative but at first glance do you think i am overdoing it?

    Appreciate your comments will look into that (looks a bit too techy for me though).

    been trying to go on that website. loading forever. kind of ironic really! 😀

    The plugin takes forever to load a CSS file. Temporarily disable it and see if the speed increases. Then either do the hack or get a better plugin. 🙂

    hmmm. no idea what to do here. I can find the mailchimp.php file but cannot locate the bit in question (sorry, thick irishman here).

    i am not sure i would know what to do next…

    OK – have deactivated it. but there are two pages where i need a very basic mailchimp opt in form – the splash page and

    both are now showing a dead link.

    There are a few plugins on wordpress. Not sure what to go for. maybe mailchimp for WP lite? need the ‘widget’ one to make it show up on splash page, and a shortcode for the other page…

    One idea if you anyone is feeling SUPER helpful. what about just editing the mailchimp plugin, and send me a word doc? i cut just cut and paste it and reload mine???

    i don’t know where to go from here; all a bit new for me.

    I just downloaded the plugin. The two lines in question are indeed 108 and 109.

    Eeek! Word! Whenever you think of WordPress try and forget that Word ever existed. Use a text editor. Sublime Text is nice 🙂

    Hi there, I got a notification because you mentioned my plugin: MailChimp for WP Lite.

    I’d say go for it. Both the widget as a shortcode are perfectly possible with it. And if you need any help, I’d be happy to. 🙂 You will not regret moving away from the “official” MailChimp plugin, trust me.

    Well I for one am impressed with that! 🙂

    WPRanger – thanks for all your help. I will bear that in mind. Didn’t realise that Word was a …. dirty word.!!!
    Still not confident enough to be messing around with code…

    Danny – have downloaded ‘lite’. You can see the result on Its functional but looks poor as its just your basic option. Again – i don’t have the confidence to be messing around with code to make something nicer looking. Ideally i want the font much small, and another box for ‘first name’.

    I ‘would’ sign up for Pro version, but i only need to signup forms. 35$ seems a bit expensive for my limited needs at the moment. Can you help me cut and paste a simple form that would suit the page link i gave you? i would be very grateful.

    Hi Arloj,

    You probably don’t need to upgrade to the Pro version. Have you gone into the plugin settings? You can load in one of the default themes to make it all look a little better.

    Use the Add MailChimp field tool to add the first name field. That will generate the necessary HTML for you, so you can be sure it will work.

    If this proves to be too difficult, you can always create me a temporary admin account on hi @ (my domain / full name) .com.

    Hope that helps!

    ah great that did the trick. took me a while to figure out… the only problem is the font size is massive. i guess thats to do with underlying stylesheet

    i won;t mess around with that (!!!) – to much for me. But i will try to get the guy who designed the theme for me to adjust it. but at least its working for now.

    Thanks so much for your help both of you – will mark this as resolved!


    (NB carried over to this older post as i was told not to create duplicates)


    Its no use – been trying for half an hour to get into my Admin. It keeps coming up with the error message

    Left a message for support at 123.reg (the hosting). Impossible to talk to them so will have to wait for their reply…

    What does the error message actually mean? is there a problem with the hosting?

    I’ve been reading
    And despite the fact i know the blogger is getting an affiliate payment for it – it looks tempting to move to a specialist WP host. Its going to be a serious business site so i can’t afford any more f ups or slow speed, thousands £££ marketing is beginning from monday to drive people to the site…

    Anyway at present i am completely locked out and feeling pretty powerless…

    How would i go about getting an english-language speaking wordpress expert, to take over these issues for me and be on call to sort things out? Where’s the best place to look for this? budget is limited – its all spent on upcoming marketing…

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