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    I started the upload process 24 hours ago and only 27 images of 100 are uploaded and optimized. Something stuck somewhere?

    Cool thing with the CDN support! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author optimole


    Hey @myblogisgreat,

    Happy to see your feedback regarding Optimole. It might be some misunderstanding regarding your issue. Can you tell me where did you check the number of images?

    One side note regarding this, your images will be optimized when someone will check them, i.e when someone will visit one page from your website with images to optimize.
    If you have a low traffic website, it might take some time until all the images will be fetched.

    However, i will be happy to check if there is any problem, can you send me a support request @ friends@optimole.com

    Aha, you are correct!
    When I visit the pages and posts, their images are uploaded!
    I thought it should behave like Smush and other image compression services. 🙂
    Thanks for explaining!

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