• i dont know if is the latest updates bad or not, this plugin looked so nice i was going to try it and maybe buy it later.
    but in wp 5.0.2 and wc. 3.5.2 the most annoying thing is that is not working when you make settings changes you press save, it loads again and your checkedboxes are been ignored!

    then is ugly because is inside my eshop theme! not a nice simple page into the backend of WP, just like the typical Woocomerce,

    then is super slow! really slow!

    whats going on?

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    I am really sorry you have some trouble with WCfM.

    But I am pretty sure it’s not WCfM fault.

    When you are using WCfM it works totally from frontend and I am sure you have many other plugins as well beside theme. Your settings not saved because of some JS error in youur site.

    If you open Google Chrome browser sonsole will see those, and off course those are not from WCfM.

    Now, if your site has some PhP errors and WooCommerce stop working, then it will not right to blame WooCommerce.

    If you want we can help you in resolve these off course.

    Have a great day 🙂

    Hi johnnyxp64,

    I do not know why you blame a free plugin, you just need to stop using.
    I use it for years, without any issues.
    Regarding its appearance you just need to make custom css, then it will look like as you want.
    I have never ever experienced with at any plugin which has weekly feature updates based on customer feedback.
    I’m not affiliated with WCLovers at all.

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    seriously @jegkiralyfi1?

    when something is not working and in not user friendly you are not allowed to share your negative experience and ask for solutions in the “support” section?….just stop using it???

    nothing else to say.

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