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  • Hello;

    I’ve been resisting it for a while but finally made the plunge and upgraded to WP 3.1.

    All is well not considering a fewer minor nuances, except my site now loading remarkably slower than before the upgrade.

    No matter what I check or tweak, my site now takes longer to load.

    How can I get WP 3.1 to speed up and load my site fast again like it was before the upgrade?



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  • despite reading numerous threads, this is the number one issue with my upgrade as well… cannot seem to find any specific issue on it.
    Changed theme, disabling plug-ins, still troubleshooting but at present
    it takes 2-5 minutes for any page to load be it the main site, admin, posting, anything.

    How I wish there was a warning that 3.1 had so many major issues. Our
    staff have been working all day on fixing this since last evenings upgrade.

    As yet, no luck with the astonishing slow lagging.



    Same here. I’ve had other issues that I’ve dealt with (post types, etc) but the main problem is how amazingly slow it’s going and that it’s talking almost twice the amount of memory for queries as it did before the upgrade.

    I’ve got a site with thousands of posts in certain categories… but that doesn’t seem like it would be that out of the norm for say, a newspaper blog, etc.

    I’ve managed to get it down to 5-10 seconds for the archive pages, but I had to cut the amount of posts per page in half from what it used to be. And yslow is still reporting a “404” error for the overall page, even when it does display!

    ok, figured my particular issue out. Went INTO WordPress 3.1 and disabled all the plug-ins. Takes a bit of time but it’s not lagging anymore and working FAST!

    (edit: the “author” plug-in was the culprit)



    Which plugins were you running? Have you been able to pin-point a particular troublemaker?

    I thought it might be the cache or seo plugin, but neither of those disabled seemed to have an effect.

    I’ve been disabling and re=enabling them and testing, but some have core functionality for my custom stuff.

    Well, I did find a few things that have made 3.1 go a bit faster but compared to the previous version is still booger-like slow.

    I took out all the <script></script> statements in the header.php file and moved them to the very bottom of the footer.php file. That gave me some more speed.

    However, one plug-in (glideshow) uses jquery.js and by putting the script with that command in the footer.php, the plug-in stopped working.

    So for now, I have simply removed the plug-in from my site altogether, which of course changed the look and feel of my main page but at least I got a bit more speed.

    Until they fix this sluggishness I’ve decided to settle for functionality over good looks. A slow loading site is all that it takes for readers to take off like flies.

    Anybody has anything else to increase speed I am eager to know about.




    Ah, it seems like that’s theme stuff, yes? I’m working on tweaking some of that now to make up for the loss, but it still seems the actual database queries are somehow more memory intensive.

    Thanks for the update! Hope others have more tips.

    Yes and no!

    Some script commands are added by other programs like Google Analytics and other script commands belong to third party plug-ins.
    Moving them into my footer.php gave me a substantial boost.

    Another thing that worked for me is to add an image optimizer that automatically optimizes the images I add to your WP blog. I use Smush.It and have found an increase in speed as well.

    As far as databases go, I’ve added a database plug-in that allows me to optimize my database and drop tables from plug-ins that I don’t use any longer. Haven’t been able to tell how much, if any, additional speed I am getting with this.

    That’s all I got though. So … someone else has any other WP boost tips, love to read them.



    cool. I’m already save-for-webing any image, but I’ll look into smush.

    Do you know the name of your database plugin? I’ve got WP-DBManager

    I also use it to do daily backups.

    WP-DBManager is one tool is you use it on a regular basis. I use WP-Optimize only because it gives me an added security feature.

    That’s it for now. I am still looking for a fast loading recent posts with image slider plug-in but haven’t been able to find one yet.

    Any additional ideas to speed up WP 3.1 are welcome.



    The new version of Quick Cache seems to be doing a pretty good job, out performing W3 total cache, though it doesn’t have as much functionality.

    I got WP minify running as well, though I had to disable it on my forum since it messed with the styling somehow.

    I had speed issues as well but I discovered the culprit was the admin navigation bar that has been added to 3.1

    I went into my profile and disabled the admin nav bar from showing on the front end, and my site speed returned to normal.

    For those suffering speed issues, I would try disabling the admin nav bar first before messing around with your plugins, might save you a lot of time.

    As a sidenote, the navigation bar does not seem to slow down the site for registered site users up to editor account levels.

    In case this helps, I found that I had the same problem upgrading to 3.1 as I did for 3.0, namely, the back-end area is incredibly slow.

    For whatever reason, I have to access /wp-admin/upgrade.php manually for every blog on my network.

    Disabling all of the plugins and removing the admin bar didn’t help. But once I actually upgraded the databases manually, everything was peachy-keen. Now if I can only get my sysadmin to upgrade the server…



    how do you update the database manually?

    Depending on the load of your site (lots of images, videos, etc), combined with increased overhead included in WP 3.1 makes self-hosted WP blogs degrade in performance.

    Speeding it up is a combination of factors:
    – reduced image size
    – special page for videos (not front page)
    – optimized database
    – limited plug-ins to absolute necessity
    – drop tables of obsolete plug-ins (not used)
    – reduce graphic sizes
    – reduce linking to other sites for display of content/graphics/video/images on your front page
    – limit use of widgets

    It’s a combination of all these things (and proper coding i.e. use php over third party add-ons when possible) that will increase your speed. That said, WP 3.1 is definitely much more sluggish than previous versions and does have speed degradation making optimum optimization even more important.

    Simply point your web browser to

    If you db is out of date, there will be a button to upgrade it. That’s all you have to do. (At least, that solved my slow back-end issues with both the 3.0 and 3.1 upgrades.)

    If you’re running a network of blogs (i.e. WPMU), you can check out the wp_blog_versions table to see which blogs have had their databases updated. The db_version field should be 17056 for 3.1. If any aren’t, you can point your browser to the equivalent upgrade.php for that blog’s site and it should upgrade accordingly. (Interestingly, the last_updated field only updated on 3 of my 11 blogs. Not sure why.)

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