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  • My website ( is loading prettey slowly especially the wordpress part. Does anyone know what it could be (it must be server side). The database is prettey large (around 6meg) but I have quite alot of bandwidth so I don’t see what it could be. Someone suggested that the problem is that the website is requesting from other websites upon loading. Can anyone confirm something like this.

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  • For one you have over a meg of images that need to load. Heaven forbid any of your visitors use dial-up as it would take over 4 minutes to load.

    Edit: Also, according to your source, there are 89 database queries which themselves take over 4 seconds.

    Well okay I have images – I can’t do anything about the database queries of course. According to the website speed report the only errors are the size of the pages and css – there really isn’t anything I can do about that other then cutting parts out and therefore reducing the aesthetic quality of the website! I’m sure i’ve heard of database optimisation or something where the sql database is cleaned up and rearranged (like defragging a harddisk), does that exist?
    Any other suggestions – I thought it could be to do with the webhosting provider maybe having a slowish sharing speed or something?

    Try compressing your images using the “Save for Web” method in photoshop. It can cut filesize down quite significantly without comprimsing the quality of the images. If you don’t use photoshop, there are plenty of free programs out there like IrfanView and Gimp.

    89 queries is a damn lot for WordPress to be using. What plugins are you running? There is really no reason to be firing off 89 queries per request.

    There are ways to reduce queries – 89 is alot (even more than my page and I have way too many). You could reduce the number of posts displayed on the front page. I notice you also load a large (300k) image in a div with “display:none” – how does that benefit your visitors?

    Of course your server may be slower than some, but I doubt it is noticeable under ordinary circumstances.

    Edit: You also have other large images in divs set not to display.

    The Div none are only like that to fix an error with the borders – that doesn’t actually wrap the images (they do display).

    I am currently running the following plugins (in order – thers quite a few):

    Collapsible More Link
    Spam Karma 2 – Reloaded
    Acronym Replacer
    Backup Restore
    Blogs Of The Day
    Category Image(s)
    Comment Quicktags
    Customizable Post Listings
    Get Author Profile
    Better Image Rotator
    KG Archives
    Multiple Authors
    Official Comments
    Random Hadith
    Related Posts
    Twilight AutoSave
    WordPress Database Backup
    WordPress Email Notification Plugin v2.1.1
    WP Grins
    WP Paginate

    Reducing the number of posts on the front page would simply mean that people would have to load them elsewhere…Is there a more creative way to create a splash page without having the actual posts fully loaded (e.g. Title + Image like


    Hi Usayd,

    I was searching in the forums for WP-shortstat and slow loading times (on my – still hidden / under construction – new site I had a slow loading time caused by WP-shortstat), and I found the thread were in right now, and later this one:

    Might be useful for you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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