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  • Hello all,

    I’d first like to say that I know there are numerous topics on people having a slow wordpress site.

    I am just posting this to get a little one-on-one help with mine. Assuming there is someone out there with some patience to get things going for me. I’ve installed wordpress last night with a speedy result. This morning, my site seems to be lagging an awful lot. I have tried disabling all plugins and using the default theme without any speed success. My guess is this could even be a server issue.

    I would just like a little walk through with someone willing to lend a helping hand.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I have been told that throughout the day today the site has at times been fast, other times it drags.

    NOW it seems that 1 plugin: NextGEN Gallery Widget is slowing a portion of my site down. Can any edit to this plugin be done to this plugin?

    Disreguard, it’s slow all together. Quite frustrating.

    Last time with this one, sorry guys.

    Just an update. My site is still acting up. But, here’s something I’ve come across. I have found that when the site is slow, I disable all plugins, and revert to the original wordpress theme and the site is quick. I then put everything back, and again the site is quick, but shortly after, it becomes slow again. Any thoughts on this one?

    Thanks again,

    Please check your hosting server

    I have discussed plenty of things with them with little response…. One of the worst hosting companies to work with I hear (dot5hosting). Terrible.

    I wouldn’t doubt that they would be behind this, but it’s so hard to even make contact with them. So I came here.

    Anyone have any suggestions to changing the php.ini file or anything else that would have to do with my server?


    I would check to see if you are getting hit by comment spammers or others. If you have access to stats on that host, see if there are a ton of requests for xmlrpc or similar. You can also check for everything from hot linking to your RSS feed being used “live” on someone else’s blog (pulled for every visitor they get).

    Check things too like slow mysql activity, slow queries, etc.

    Would it be too much of a pain if you were to tell me how to do a few of those things? More specifically, check if there are requests for xmlrpc, hot linking, slow mysql activity and the slow querys.

    Much Appreciated,
    Thanks everyone.

    Just checkin’ in if anyone is able to lend a helping hand.


    Sorry for everyone who is probably annoyed at me but here it goes. The site still seems to be sparatically slow every now and then, so I’m sure it’s could be the server itself…. hopefully.

    Just wondering if anyone could simply explain what I can do with some server settings, via editing or adding something. The company is full of morons, so I’m pretty much left to do things on my own as they collect my cash.

    Thanks again,

    I’ll send out my e-mail to add me to msn for anyone who is able to personally assist me. I tried getting ahold of dot5 again… it’s just useless.

    Much appreciated, thanks again guys.

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