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    Hi folks

    Running feedzy on a site, and in chromium and other browsers where the content isn’t precached, its taking forever to load, and its trying to download all the podcast feeds on my page as mp3s. Is there a way to stop this, and to just have a preview of the podcast until the play button is clicked and to stop auto-loading?

    Also id like to remove the lengthy whole paragraph of each feed description in the title section,

    Also wondering if its possible to add commentary to my own feeds, where id like to make commentary on a news story and so forth



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    • can you please paste the exact shortcode you are using?
    • could you share your observations that make you conclude that feedzy is download the MP3s?
    • what is the direct link to the page?

    i am using plugin by adding the button via the editor, and posting the category slug via the editor

    my friend looked at network traffic, and observed that the london real podcast feed was being downloaded to the main webpage as an mp3, and it would hang in chromium

    the site url is

    it keeps hanging in chromium, but works for me in firefox, although i think this is because it has been precached

    Plugin Contributor contactashish13


    @oonews please paste the exact short code you are using as requested earlier.

    can you please explain how to paste the exact short-code? I am pasting the code block from the editor below:

    here is a photo link to a picture of the shortcode

    Plugin Contributor contactashish13


    @oonews thanks. That indicates you are using the block editor and not the classic editor.

    If I understand your previous comments correctly, this apparent downloading does not happen in Firefox but only in Chromium. Can you please confirm this?

    Feedzy free does not download anything. Please disable all your plugins (and any caching components) and test with the default WordPress theme and let us know what you find.

    Plugin Contributor contactashish13


    We haven’t heard from you in sometime so marking this as Resolved. If you continue to face an issue, please create a new ticket. We’d be happy to help.

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