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  • Hi community!

    I am caretaker of and I record,edit,upload sermons weekly. I have noticed since taking over a few months ago that when I upload a mp.3 file to the server (Blue Host) and go back to listen to it off the live site, it takes a long time (3+ mins) to load. The prior web master used a separate site to put the mp3 recordings onto and then link to it. That was much faster, but we have unlimited usage on our server, so I want to take advantage of that instead of paying for another service. I use the following plug ins = Audio Player and also use W3 Total Cache
    I am sure someone else has run into this issue and has the answer. I want to be able to have our visitors click and listen instead of watch the “waiting for….” etc… Thanks!


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  • Are your files “stream-able” so that your browser (or browser plug-in can start playing them instantly? I’m not familiar with that plugin specifically, but W3TC normally wouldn’t interfere with the downloading of those files by your browser since media “can’t be cached.”

    I record off soundboard with Audacity, mix, and convert to MP3. Then I use Fire FTP to upload to my WP uploads file on the server. They do play in all browsers (IE/FF/GC/O), but as far as make them “stream-able”, is there another step or plug in I need?


    It still depends on how their embedded. I haven’t played with streaming media in a while because of services like youtube, but it sounds to me like the browser has to download the entire file before it begins to play which is the issue. If you use cloudfront from amazon and their included flash media server (or some other services or plugins designed for this) music can start playing instantly.

    Yes it must be downloading it all before playing (which would make sense from the lag time) – Ill look into cloudfront and see if that will work for our site. Thanks for your input!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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