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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your free plugin, i landed here in the support forum because i’ve noticed that even with the last available version of this plugin 1.5.2 this plugin contains a very slow query.

    It has been a while since one of our customer was experiencing extra-slow loading time in his website, we were hunting the source of the problem and in the end we found out using the “Query monitor plugin” that your plugin executes this:

    FROM wp_posts
    WHERE 1=1
    AND ( ((wp_posts.post_title LIKE ‘%[wpgdprc\\_access\\_request\\_form]%’)
    OR (wp_posts.post_content LIKE ‘%[wpgdprc\\_access\\_request\\_form]%’)
    OR (wp_posts.post_excerpt LIKE ‘%[wpgdprc\\_access\\_request\\_form]%’)))
    AND wp_posts.post_type IN (‘post’, ‘page’, ‘attachment’, ‘classified_listing’)
    AND ((wp_posts.post_status = ‘publish’))
    ORDER BY wp_posts.post_title LIKE ‘%[wpgdprc\\_access\\_request\\_form]%’ DESC, wp_posts.post_date DESC
    LIMIT 0, 100

    This query alone takes an enormous amount of time, to be precise it was taking 2.5 SEC! Before posting this here i double-checked in my prod env, local env, and even executed the query directly on my DB, the result is always the same.

    We have roughtly 34k~ rows inside wp_posts with a total size of 250MB ~

    I don’t really know what this query is for, and i didn’t dig into the code but i guess you should consider fixing this out.

    Thank you for your time,

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