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    I’m using Query Monitor plugin on a site. Most of page loads show slow queries on these wp_wfConfig insert and delete.

    Sometimes there is only the insert, sometimes insert and delete.
    Sometimes the queries are pretty fast, sometimes they take over a second.

    wp_wfConfig table isn’t particularly big, some 200 rows 1,5Mb.
    There isn’t much traffic on the site, it was launched yesterday.
    Could there be some performance improvements on your behalf?

    The slow queries:

    INSERT IGNORE INTO wp_wfConfig (name, val, autoload)
    VALUES (‘wfSyncGeoIP.lock’, ‘1537281192’, ‘no’)

    DELETE FROM wp_wfConfig WHERE name = ‘wfSyncGeoIP.lock’

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  • Hi @tmuikku

    Most probably this is something you can enhance its performance from the server side, try asking your web host if they can optimize your database tables, especially this wp_wfConfig one.


    Hi @tmuikku,
    Since we haven’t heard from you for a while I’m going to go ahead and resolve this thread. You are welcome to create a new one at any time!

    Hi! thanks, tried to find this thread the other day but didn’t 🙂

    Still happens. Optimized tables. wfconfig table is only 257 rows and 1.4Mb in size.

    On most of HTTP requests these wfconfig related queries are the only one that are marked as slow queries. Which is kind of weird since otherwise got huge database, it is a woocommerce site with post meta table with 1.6million rows for example.

    Anyway, not a huge problem, you can mark this resolved. If you guys got time benchmark this thing someday and if you find ways to optimize, please do 🙂

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    Hi @tmuikku,
    Thanks for the update. Just curious because of another case I’m working on, you haven’t seen anything logged in PHP error logs related to deadlock?

    no errors on MySQL or PHP error logs. SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS \G is not listing related deadlocks either.

    Hi @tmuikku,
    Thanks for that info! If you are able to activate Wordfence currently, would you mind sending me a diagnostics report from Wordfence please?

    1. Go to Wordfence > Tools > Diagnostics
    2. At the top of the page there is an option to send diagnostics
    3. Send to and mention your username tmuikku

    Let me know if that works! If that does not work, it would be super helpful if you could instead send me a phpinfo() printout. You would then create a .php file, call it any name and just put this in it


    Then either send a link to that file to or use Chrome to print the page as PDF and email that to

    Let me know!

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    sent diagnostics to you earlier today, hope it helps.

    Hi @tmuikku!
    I forgot to get back to you to confirm that I got the diagnostics. They’ve been added to the case we have open for investigating this issue.

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