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  • Hi,

    I have installed WordPress 2.2 for the first time. The performance works great when the database is newly created, and when the categories are added in and such.

    I added in some plugins and changed the themes. However the moment that I make a post, the system takes a long time to make a post and also after that the system slows down to a crawl.

    I have tried other versions, but so far the problem is still there.

    I am using Ubuntu Server 6.10, apache 2.0.7 and mysql 5.0

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • What are you using for hosting??

    I have been with several different hosts over the last few months. Yahoo I found to be slow. I now use Dreamhost and am very happy with it.

    The number of plugins can sometimes make your site slow too.

    Hi weiyen, I get EXACTLY the same thing. Perfomance is great (like previous installations I’ve done) and then I make a post and it grinds to a holt.

    This isnt with a hosting company, this is on a fresh install of Fedora7 on a dual Opteron 2212 4GB Ram, Mirrored SAS Seagate Cheetahs, so the machine isnt the bottleneck!

    Its a fresh copy of WordPress with no plugins, does it on any theme (and inside the admin) and I’d tried switching back to previous versions of wordpress which made no difference.

    CPU, ram and network useage are very low, it just seems to wait and think about anything for 20 seconds before sending back any data.

    Any Ideas?



    Same thing here, also using WordPress 2.2. The blog is on a Dual Opteron 280 with SCSI disks and 2GB of RAM (nothing else running on the server, so server it’s not the issue) and as soon as I add a new post (I have about 450 in total) the blog becomes slow as molasses. Very slow.

    I have tried to make it faster using the “No Dashboard” plugin, but it made no difference at all.



    Having this same exact issue.

    PHP 5
    MySQL 5
    Fedora 6

    I’ve given up on WordPress now. It’s not worth the hassle.



    If you are self hosting, I’d say it sounds like a DNS problem

    O no! Exactly my question and NO answer!

    All runs fine after a fresh install (standard About and Hello World) but as soon as you enter only one new post I’m waiting for around 40 seconds to get the next page and it’s going on like that. I thought it being an issue with WP 2.31 therefore I installed WP 2.23 too besides to test the issue and narrow it down – same result with that version.

    I deleted the tables in the MySQL database to reinstall of the tables and it’s fast again! So – is it a MySQL bottleneck?

    I put phpinfo and MySQL server variables on my own site as reference.

    I’m driving nuts for four days now…!

    Exact same thing here. Any solution for this yet?

    I found the answer to this on some post around here (can’t remember which)

    In the file wp-includes/cron.php, find:

    $argyle = @ fsockopen( $parts['host'], $port, $errno, $errstr, 0.01 );

    and replace with:

    $argyle = @ fsockopen( $parts['scheme'].'://'.$parts['host'], $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'], $errno, $errstr, 0.01 );

    After this WP comes to life again.

    I’m having the same issue… Fresh install works fine, one post and every WP page takes like 30sec to load…
    I’ve tried the solution above, still no luck…
    More ideas please!

    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Apache, Mysql 5.0.22

    OK, get this, I’m having the same problem. I have a VPS & three sites running wordpress. One with an older version & 2 fresh installs & it only happens on one of the installations. I’ve tried the fixes here as well but it’s still a no go, after the first post or post update every page load slows to a crawl.

    Quick question, does anyone here have a domain hosted with godaddy? The only real difference I can see is that the other domains are not hosted by godaddy. Just a thought.

    Nope, my domain is hosted by another service. I’m a sceptic of this to be a DNS or hosting trouble. The problem arises after either deleting the default post or posting a new one. Every single WP page halts including the logon page to the dashboard. Not only the pages containing posts…
    Once again: After a fresh install everything works fine including change of themes…

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