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  • My site is loading VERY slow well compaired to other WP sites I have been to.
    I am using WP 1.2.2 with Kubrick 1.2.6 and is usually averaging about 1.5 secounds to load completely.
    I have moved to a MySQL 4.0 server now which helped out a little and tried to use gzip enabled, reduced the # of posts that are visible. I am also running phpGiggle but I even disabled this and still did not reflect much in the load times. Any ideas?
    Site is at

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Three idiots spawned this page in 2.004 seconds.

    I’ve seen a whole lot worse.
    Only thing I can see would be to store the ff image locally.

    Did that but still no change in speed.

    Feed your gerbils? Maybe they are getting hungry and tired? 😉

    Thanks for the humor in the matter but this was aimed as a serious question about WP.

    Is this your personal server or one hosted with someone? What are the spec of the machine?

    WP usually prints out how many queries it performed to create your page. Having an unusually large number of DB queries could have an impact.

    My site loads in about .353-.4 seconds with about 136 queries.


    Yea its hosted by my works machines which has their own hosting facilities and more than enough bandwidth to spare. The servers are all running the Bluearc storage and the machine are all top of the line as well. I will have to look at the # of queries the site is using at a time.

    I will have to look at the # of queries the site is using at a time

    how do you do this? i have a site ( ) that occasionally slows to a crawl/standstill. wrote the hosting company (hostgator) asking them to allow me to view processes in phpmyadmin but they said they couldn’t do that.

    p.s. i’m running 1.22

    Are you running the Update Linkroll plugin? Try turning it off and see if that makes a difference.

    thanks — i was running it and turned it off. will report back in a day or two.

    I have a similar problem and just cannot sort out why my index.php takes between 5 and 9 seconds to load. – Grateful for your help!

    i’ve the same problem – my index.php takes FOREVER to load. PHP apps on my server typically have no problems loading (a dual piii machine), but for some reason…..

    when you talk of WP printing queries – how would i check to see how many it’s running if i’m using phpAdmin?

    still having sporadic problems. not too often though.

    i turned off the update linkroll plugin, and tried taking out some and all ping/rpc servers.

    also i am trying to block referrer spam –which could be partly to blame for the slowdown– but i must have the htaccess syntax wrong b/c it’s not working.

    i tried the code snippets listed here:
    but alas no luck yet. i will keep trying, but may have to resort to this php method:

    bi11i, i’m not sure how to view/count queries but in phpmyadmin i though ‘show processes’ (top level, before you select a db) might be relevant. unfort. without super privileges it doeesn’t show you much.

    more later.

    oh another thing–

    when i get around to it, i will try this page caching hack:

    Most of the times, the problem of speed in WP is not mainly due to mysql accesess (which are very fast), but compiling the PHP code. If so, try the WP-Cache link shown above.

    Contrary to Statizice Reloaded, this hack produces error messages in my nightly…-(

    Isn’t there a way of finding out what exactly slows down wordpress so much?

    Even navigating the admin pages takes annoyingly long – displaying a page takes about 10 seconds (despite DSL access).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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