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  • my website takes about 20 seconds to load initially. I am new to website building but this seems very long, and going from page to page is slow as well.
    My Website domain and hosting are on GoDaddy.

    Any Help?

    Site is (also, i was having trouble positing this site as a hyperlink on the forum. Tips? The “link button” failed me.

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  • Also, if someone could send me to a good forum about how to set up and RSS feed I would be grateful. Thank you!

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    My first guess would be that you may be trying to run a WordPress site on Windows hosting. While it is possible, it’s not recommended.

    We have simple instructions to move your site to Linux, which may solve the problem completely:

    If you’d like us to dig deeper into why the site is struggling, please submit a support ticket here:

    I don’t have a link for how to set up RSS feeds, but I was able to locate a lot of possible links doing a general search.


    Sorry for replying to the thread but wanted to say thanks for the link to convert.

    I’m on a Windows plan and am hosting WP at I was going to host a .NET app too — but, I’ll actually do that elsewhere if it means my WP would be more stable.

    The conversion is using the “full” Linux monthly price of $13.49 (I have Ultimate, 2 years). Hopefully, I’m not changed anything for the conversion.

    I’m going with the same plan but Linux, allowing time to convert now. It never had me confirm any charges, and looks like it is a lateral switch.

    Smooth transition to Linux for me. So far, the server performance is good!

    Good luck, Jim! (In my best Mission Impossible voice)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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