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  • I cannot seem to speed up our page load time. We are seeing 12-16 seconds per page. I have no external calls (all images are self-hosted (ok on two pages we have youtube videos installed but they do not load any faster or slower than the regular static pages)). We are on a shared app server running IIS via

    I have wordfence and implemented the falcon engine, which gave me a small improvement (like 2 seconds).

    I have tried changing the template from “x” to 2014 and still, no noticeable improvement.

    We are currently building the site so there are a lot of changes going on, should I expect that until we stop making many changes we may not see the page loads improve? Should we publish and let it “burn in” before questioning the load times?

    I have minimal plugins: captcha pro, contact form 7, updraft, wordfence, Yoast SEO and salesforce (all current).

    I would suspect our hosting server, except that we have an existing HTML site on the same server (that we are replacing with the WP site) and the existing pages load in <1sec.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated. I have looked on the forums and the web and only see things from 3-9 years old. However, if you have an link to any article that I might have missed that would be great too.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Have you tried using Google Chrome’s Dev tools to run an audit on the site? Or seen what resources are being loaded and how large/long they are? This would be my first stop. This will tell you whether it is a slow server (first load of page response time) or the actual elements being rendered that are slowing your page down. My guess is a combination. I recommend using a cacheing plugin (there are many great ones), making sure gzip compression is turned on (at the server) and that your server is large enough and fast enough for the load you are putting it under. A link to where we could see the site would help as well.

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