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Slow or Fast website

  • Hi all,

    Simple question:
    Does having many many plugins make my site slow?

    I use several back-end plugins like Google analytics dashboard & statcounter.

    Do they add weight to the end user?


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  • Do they add weight to the end user?

    The ones you named? Most likely, yes, but you are not likely talking about very much.

    Your question is really impossible to answer definitively. A single plugin with a slow query can add several seconds to your load time, where a dozen different plugins aren’t noticeable. It depends on the plugin(s).

    I’d say that your biggest performance hit is going be with plugins that add a lot of resources that have to be downloaded– external css, external Javascript, images–, and with plugins that connect to external resources like FaceBook (not the like button so much as the more complex comment syncing stuff, for example) or Disqus.

    It’s easy to check site speed with Google Page Speed On Line or at webpagetest.org.

    Test with plugins disabled and enabled and you’ll find out quickly.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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