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  • Hello
    I am having troubles with my blogs.
    Well they are just new but they run very slow.
    or I can’t access them at all.
    When I go to wp-admin and enter my log in name and password (and I know 100% that they are both correct), the page start loading, and then I get again the same log in screen with my log in still there but password is blank.
    The only way I could log in was to reset a password but I can’t do this everything…
    Another thing.. I can’t even open one of my blogs (please ignore a content, I was about to get rid of everything there).
    But most importantly is
    (please ignore the layout, it is awful I know. Bought a new theme, not sure how to work it out yet)
    I had about 30-40 posts there. Then I changed hosting and tried to move the blog. I thought everything went well, except that I couldn’t log in to wp-admin panel.
    I thought it was hosting. So wiped off the whole blog and reinstall WordPress.

    I addressed my problem (that I can’t log in into wp-admin panel and that the sites are slow (and pilates blog didn’t want to open at one stage) but they came back and said it is all WordPress problem.
    So what should I do?
    Why I have to keep resetting my password or why I can’t even get to wp-admin panel at times?

    Thank you very much

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  • Hi, Olya.

    1. Maybe some plugins not suit with the current version.

    My suggestion, just deactivate all plugins then release them one by one.

    The fast way to do it is by renaming plugin folders. Add hold-
    (e.g: hold-mediasocialicons)

    2. Then you can retry to reset password from DB

    encrypt password here:

    copy and paste it in column user_pass table wp_users

    Then try login.

    3. To reactivate plugin, just remove hold- and then Activate from Plugin menu in Admin Panel.

    Good luck.



    Hi Hanafi

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I checked in Plugins I have no active plugins…
    Could this be a problem?

    Thanks again

    Sorry, one more thing.
    I am really incompetent with all this so I probably ask silly questions.
    You said: “copy and paste it in column user_pass table wp_users”
    Where do I find this column?
    Thank you

    I figured out “copy and paste it in column user_pass table wp_users”!
    However… for some reason now I get 500 Server Error…
    So… I am deleting everything and will start all over again…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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