• viitoria


    I’m having a problem where the WordPress Index page takes forever to load. Well, maybe not nessecarily load, but after typing in the url to the particular site’s address, it stays on the page for 10-20 seconds before bringing me into the index page and then loading quickly. After that, all the pages/posts/permalinks take around 10-15 seconds to load each, which really isn’t good.

    I can’t find what my problem is, especially since I’ve tried both WP-cache and the Staticize Reloaded plugins (not at the same time, of course). My site is located at: http://morning.darkfaerytale.com/

    The layout is fairy compact and the index only contains at most 2 posts per page (there’s only one at the moment, though). I niether list my archives or my categories on the sidebar. I do, however, have about 20 odd pages – but that shouldn’t effect loading time, should it.

    I’ve cleaned up all the miscellaney plugins that I don’t need – however, I have another WordPress site installed on the same server which has much more plugins but still renders much more quickly…

    If someone could tell me why the site is loading so slow and/or how to fix this, I’d be forever grateful.

    Thanks in advance,
    – Viitoria

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  • Beel


    Appears to be a server issue as you page, according to the stats in the source load quick enough. Create a small html file and see how long it takes to bring it up.

    Speed Test

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