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  • Hi everyone,

    Currently I’m experiencing very high loading times for my site which can be found at The original theme is Attitude, but I am using a child theme. The slow loading times are also effecting my wordpress dashboard

    I’ve searched the forums and done the following things to try and resolve the issue:

    • Deleted browser cache
    • Disabled Plugins
    • Changed Theme

    After doing the above the loading time remained the same, around 30 seconds to load any page.

    I did make an edit to my child theme before the slow loading times happened, but I can’t see how this would effect it. the following code was added to my child theme functions.php

    define( 'ATTITUDE_WIDGETS_DIR', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/library/widgets' );
    define( 'ATTITUDE_WIDGETS_URL', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/library/widgets' );

    The idea of this was to make sure that my themes widgets.php file wouldn’t be overwritten whenever the theme was updated, as I have a custom widget area.

    To make sure this wasn’t the problem. I removed the lines, reuploaded functions.php and still it’s still slow.

    Just to confirm, I have reactivated plugins and child theme, and put the code back into functions.php

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Strangely the website loads slowly on over normal internet connections (I’ve tried work and home networks, both slow).

    When trying from my phone, when connected to my home wifi it is just as slow as when attempting to load from desktop but loads normally when using 3G connection.

    Anyone heard of anything like this before?

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