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  • Adamfagerstrom


    im having problems with the loading speed of my site. I´ve tried various ways and tutorials to solve it and it has gotten better, and I am getting better grades on pingdom and gtmetrix but its still very slow when i enter the site.

    Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? I´ve tried w3 total cache, cloudflare, and minimizing size of images but it only seems to help to a certain degree.

    Thanks in advance!
    Site name:

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  • bheadrick


    site loaded fairly quickly for me – just under 4 seconds (not great, but not horrible)
    here’s what I noticed, though
    open the site in chrome
    right-click anywhere on the page and select “inspect element” and click the network tab
    refresh the page
    see all those items that are red? Those are files that aren’t loading at all – they’re dead references.
    (you’ll see errors to that effect in the console as well)
    Those will slow down your site’s load time

    also, it looks like at least one of your jquery files are being loaded before jquery gets loaded.

    not sure if these are being caused by your w3tc config or what, but you need to resolve them



    Hi, bheadrick

    thanks for the response. I can see the red marked files, seems to be google api´s but to be honest i have no idea how to remove them. Will have a look around for a tutorial.

    The jqueryfile i think is from the slider on the startsite. I´ll have a look and see if a can find a better alternative.

    Thank you for all the help @bheadrick !



    I found an interesting blog that has some tips for speeding up sites. Caveat – back up your site first!

    I tried the tip for removing WooCommerce styles & scripts from the homepage. Also minimizing delay in page load by specifying a character set.

    I had been using WP SuperCache but stopped as it didn’t seem to help my site. I am using Cloudflare, but despite this, my site still loaded very slowly.

    Now it appears to be super fast!



    @bheadrick: thanks for the tip on using inspect element to check load times! Very useful.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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